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Safal always aims to keep freshness & quality on top priority, by maintaining high standards in procurement, production & packaging.

How to become an entrepreneur with Safal

Entrepreneurship Option with Safal: 

  1. Fill an application form with AWPO (Army Welfare Placement Organisation) 
  2. Appear for an interview jointly conducted by Safal & AWPO 
  3. Deposit Security & Working Capital Draft under Agreement (with two Govt. Officials as your Guarantors) 
  4. Safal provides training & assistance to operationalize the allotted outlet 
  5. Work under the guidelines & on the job advice of Safal’s Sales Team on day to day basis to maximise your earnings. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q 1: Who will provide the outlet and infrastructure?

A1: Safal provides the outlet & all the necessary infrastructure equipped with utilities like display racks, electronic weighing machines, deep freezer, visi cooler, crates including promotional material for smooth business.

Q2. What is the investment required for allotment of Safal outlet?

A2: A minimum of Rs 2 Lakh (Rs 1 Lakh as refundable security plus Rs 1 Lakh as a working capital)

Q3. How does the Safal outlet function?

A3: All SKU’s of Safal’s range will be supplied at allotted booth’s doorsteps every day. Payment cheque of the current invoice along with next day’s demand will be collected by supply vehicle.

Q4: Will there be any rent, Utility bill and maintenance cost to be borne by the ESM?

A4: No, Safal will provide the above at their own cost.

Q5: Will the unsold items be taken back by Safal?

A5: No outlet return would be taken back. The component of handling loss is already built inside the gross commission given through daily invoice.

Q6: What is the duration of the Agreement for Safal outlet?

A6: Two years. Renewal will be done on the basis of performance during ongoing tenure

Q7: Who will arrange for assistants to run the Safal outlet?

A7: ESM to arrange minimum one or two assistants (depending on allotted outlet’s sales) at his own risk and cost.

Q8: What kind of skills are required to run Safal outlet?

A8: Good shop keeping practices pertaining to retailing business of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables is required to run Safal outlet.

Q9: Who will fix the selling rates at Safal outlet?

A9: Safal will fix and send daily rate list depicting MRP of various SKU’s at Safal Outlets

Q10: Can any outside item be sold from the said outlets, which is not supplied by Safal?

A10: No. Only items, supplied by Safal can be sold at the outlets

Q11: Which outlet will be allotted?

A11: Generally, an area of preference of 10 km radius from your residence is taken, any outlet having vacancy in this area will be allotted.

Contact Details:

1. Directorate General Resettlement

Self Employment Wing, Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare,

Ministry of Defence, West block 4, R K Puram , New Delhi – 110066

Telephone: 011-26192350

2. Army Welfare Placement Organisation

Adjutant General's Branch / CW Directorate

Directorate of Indian Army Veterans, Integrated Headquarters of MoD(Army)

Building No-67,Maude Lines, Cavalry Road, Delhi Cantt-110010

Telephone: 011- 25671552 / 25675385; Telefax: 25671492, Toll free: 1800-11-9922

Mobile: 09717003700; Email: / /

3. Secretary to Chairman (WARB) ,

Room No. 204-205 , 2nd Floor , F- Wing,

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi 110011

Telephone/Fax: 011-23063111

4. Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Private Limited,

Fruit & Vegetable Unit (Safal), Mangolpuri Industrial Area Phase 1,

Near Mangolpuri Railway Station, Mangolpuri, Delhi -1100083

Telephone: 011-27902222; Mobile: 9999530506, 9999530280

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