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Safal always aims to keep freshness & quality on top priority, by maintaining high standards in procurement, production & packaging.

Genesis of Safal

Government of India attempted to fulfil a need for establishing an organization and structured linkage of rural farmers of fruits and vegetables with the consumers in urban and semi-urban areas. A group working on “Perishable Agricultural Commodities” suggested in 1981 that this change can be best managed by an organization that has experience and capability of handling commodities that are perishable and of daily need. NDDB took this challenge upfront as they had adequate experience in bringing about such a transformation in another similar sector i.e., milk. The proposed project of NDDB (i.e. MDFVPL – Horticulture Business) got final go-ahead from the Ministry of Agriculture in 1986. A humble beginning was made in 1986 to test out the feasibility, in a rented premise catering to 12 retail outlets. At the same time, Central Distribution Facility was created on 22 acres of land located in North-West part of Delhi. In a record time of 15 months, the entire operations were in full-fledged action at the new premises in 1988.

Our objective is to facilitate a direct link between fruits and vegetables farmers and consumers.

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