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Mother Dairy established its Innovation Centre, the first of its kind in India’s organized Dairy & Food sector, in April 2010 at its central location in Delhi,. It has been setup for the purpose of developing healthy, nutritious and convenient Dairy and Horticulture products.

Mother Dairy’s R&D Team is continually engaged into development of novel products and innovative packaging systems as well as renovating its existing products at its state of the art Innovation Centre. The major thrust has been on developing functional foods targeting consumers’ health & wellness, supplying products with the taste of western classic delicacies and replicating the home made taste in Indian traditional products

The Centre is fully equipped with state of the art modern laboratory equipped with sophisticated lab scale processing equipment. In order to support the analytical and shelf life studies associated with product development activities, the Centre is equipped with highly sophisticated instruments. Packaging innovations are also taken up at Innovation Centre with various packaging materials and those are tested for various parameters which include Tensile and Seal Strength, Bursting Strength, Automated Leak Detection, Compression Strength etc.

Product Development Process
The product is developed after thorough market analysis and consumer preferences with the aim of providing healthy choices at reasonable price. This has also enabled improvising the existing product packaging and taste to constantly delight our consumers.

New Product Development process includes Concept Development, Lab trials, Shelf life Studies, Consumer Research. Packaging Material Development is also carried out at Innovation Centre. We select quality ingredients from reputed manufacturers across the globe meeting all Quality and Food Safety requirements.

Food Safety is of utmost importance while designing the manufacturing process for each new product. R&D Scientists monitor and control first few batches of commercial production to ensure conceptualized quality and organoleptic characteristics of new products.

Product Innovations
For the first time in India, we introduced Probiotic Dahi “b-Active” and Probiotic Drink “Nutrifit”. As a result of extensive research, we enriched the ‘Probiotic’ products with dietary fiber to have Synbiotic effect and make it a healthier option. 

‘Dietz Sugar Free’ icecream was launched which is suitable for diabetic patients, calorie conscious and containing high dietary fiber. Human clinical studies were conducted in collaboration with Fortis hospital, New Delhi to confirm the safety and advantage of sugar free ice cream for diabetic population. Lic Lolleezz was also introduced with Vitamin C and flavors more appealing to the taste buds of Indians.

Products developed in the in fresh dairy product range includes: Kheer, Bottled Lassi (variants: Plain, mango and strawberry), Mishti Doi, Tadka Chach etc.
In the frozen category, Kulfi in traditional flavors viz., Rose, Pan and Rabri, Dollies in Raspberry & Guava chilly, Indian Classics, Western Classics and Dietz Sugar Free are the most recent product ranges.

Innovation in Dairy Products

Probiotic Dahi
• The first Synbiotic (combination of pro- and prebiotic) fermented product in India
• The most ideally suited vehicle to carry millions of beneficial bacteria as well as fiber to consumers on a regular basis
• Proven Probiotic Strains Bifidobacterium animalis Bb12 and Lactobacillus acidophilus A-5 with strong clinical evidence
• Improves Gastro Intestinal ( GIT) health
• Inhibits enteric pathogens
• Improves phagocytosis & Ig levels
• Texture & taste liked by Indians
• Low fat fermented products
• Provides 8 % dietary fiber need as per ADA
• Sensory quality comparable to indigenous Dahi
• Post acidification negligible throughout shelf life
• Marketed as B-Active Plus Dahi

Probiotic Drink
• Probiotic Strains Bifidobacterium animalis Bb12 and Lactobacillus acidophilus A-5 Probiotic strains BB-12 and LA-5 which helps improve immunity
• Contains real fruit with natural goodness
• Assurance of bottle sterility for packaging
• Provides 8% daily dietary need as per ADA
• Favorably modulate GI microflora
• Sold under the brand Name Nutrifit

• Traditional Culinary Dairy product
• Soft, good slicing /cutting properties & excellent taste
• Extended Shelf life after vacuum packaging

Misti Doi
• Traditional Bengal Delicacy
• Newly improved formulation with better sensorial properties
• Product attributes similar to home made product.

Rice Kheer
• Popular Indian dessert
• Creamy rich taste with goodness of dry fruits and nuts

• In three varieties – plain, mango fruit and strawberry fruit
• Convenient trendy bottle packaging
• Most suited for on-the go consumption

Innovation in Ice creams

Natural Vanilla Chocofudge Cake
• Product with natural vanilla Flavour & chocolate sauce throughout ice cream
• Better taste & appearance
• Chocolate cake as base to relish the product

Kulfi Range
• Indian flavors – Kesar, Pista, Rose and Paan Kulfi to meet the local tastes
• New shape of Kulfi on stick – high selling value
• Richness & creaminess due to high solid content

Fruit Classics
• Goodness of real fruit in product
• No added artificial Flavour
• No added synthetic food color

Fortified Ice Candies
• Fortification with Vitamin-C meant for kids & youths
• Provides 25% RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance)
• Benefits of Vitamin-C

Indian Classics
• Icecream with traditional indigenous flavors – Kaju Kishmish, Basundi and Kheer , kesar pista
• Filled with nuts and fruits
Western Classics
• An all new range with a true western experience packed with chocolate, cookies and cake to delight and enrich the experience of ice cream
• Launched exclusively for the indulgent ice cream consumers

Dietz Sugar Free
• No added sugar with low fat
• Sensory attributes at par with regular ice cream
• Clinical study carried out satisfactorily by Diabetic Foundation of India

Innovation in Fruit & Vegetable products:

RTS Fruit Drinks
• Peach Drink
• Plum Drink
• Pineapple Drink
• Mango Drink
• Guava Drink
• Litchi Drink
• Orange Drink

Apple Juice, Natural – 100%

Peach Jam with pieces – Natural (No added Colour, Flavour & preservatives)
Aloo Tikki – Frozen
Masala Sweet Corn – Frozen
o Plain Salted
o Indian Magic Masala
Innovation in Product Packaging

Sterility of Bottles
• The bottles are formed at high temperature and sealed immediately to maintain sterility
• The sterile bottles are cut open, filled and sealed under aseptic condition maintained by Laminar Air Flow of 0.3 Micron filtered air
• The filled product is immediately transferred to refrigerated storage.

New Bottle Holders / Collators
• Convenient to customer
• Better POP effect
• Better shelf display
• Economy of operation

Multilayer Pouch
• UV treatment to pouches to avoid microbiological contamination
• Specialized multilayer pouch for vacuum packing of paneer to extend shelf life
• Comparable barrier properties of latest polymer structure
• Improved economy

Icecream Monocarton/ Paper Tubs
• Introduced food grade virgin paperboard for packaging Ice Creams
• Poly extrusion and water resistant food grade varnish coating

Innovative Thermoformed Tray
• First to introduce in India
• Hygienic Secondary Packaging for 90, 200 and 400 g Dahi SKUs
• Most convenient and economical secondary packaging
• Reusable and recyclable

Microwavable Cups
• For kheer and corn chatkara
• The contents can be microwaved in the same cup without emptying

Creating a culture of "Total Quality"