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CSR Policy

1. Introduction

Mother Dairy was set up in 1974 under the Operation Flood Programme and is a wholly owned company of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Mother Dairy’s business philosophy is inherently linked with the co-operative movement in India and is focused on serving farmers, rural societies and consumers fairly.

As a responsible corporate entity, Mother Dairy has been working towards improving the livelihood standards of the small subsistence farmers by educating them about better farming techniques, hygienic practices and modern methods of dairy farming. Environmental sustainability has also been the core of company’s business approach as we pioneered delivery of hygienic processed milk to the consumer in an unpacked condition, thereby saving tonnes of plastic waste.


2. Objective and Scope of Policy

Objective of this policy is to

  • Introduce an uniform  a  strategic approach to CSR across the organization
  • Ensure an enhanced commitment for CSR among all levels of the organization
  • Achieve maximum impact for various communities through better project management and monitoring


3. CSR Policy statement

3.1 Vision, Mission and Goals

We are committed to holistic development of the communities we serve. In the process, we will strive to create positive social, economic and environmental value for the socially and economically disadvantaged sections of our society.

We will mobilize our core competencies of innovation and project planning using our understanding of rural issues to deliver sustainable and high impact projects that benefit communities.

We will ensure that starting FY 2014-15,

  • We will comply with the provisions of section 135 of companies act 2013 and commensurate funds will made available for CSR programs
  • We will monitor and report influence of our CSR activities.
  • economic surplus arising out of CSR activities will not constitute part of company’s business profit


3.2     Focus Areas

Mother Dairy (MD) will implement its CSR activities in accordance with Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 and the Rules notified thereafter.

Taking guidance from Schedule VII, Mother Dairy will focus on

  • Poverty alleviation, Women empowerment, Prevention of malnutrition with appropriate  supplements
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources, with specific emphasis on water.
  • Contributions to the society ‘NDDB Foundation for Nutrition’.  
  • Contributing to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund or any other fund set up by the central government for socio-economic development, if needed.
  • Any other activity specified in Schedule VII to the Companies Act, 2013.

3.3     Implementation

Our company will adopt following structure to implement CSR projects approved by the board.



Corporate Social Responsibility Structure


Our company will have board level committee for CSR which will comprise of 3 persons, Chairman, Non- Executive Director and the Managing Director. This committee shall

  • Provide overall guidance on strategy & implementation
  • Approve & Recommend CSR projects for funding and implementation
  • Monitoring & /Reviewing  

A Sub-Committee comprising of CPO, CFO, COO, CIO, CS and General Manager (Corporate Finance) shall ensure implementation of the proposals in line with this Policy.

Further, in order to make CSR a broader engagement theme within the company and to ensure smooth decision making on implementation issues, the company will constitute a CSR Review Panel comprising of select business unit and departmental heads. The Panel shall overlook the on ground monitoring & reviewing of projects implemented.

Finally, a Stakeholder Involvement Team (SIT) will be formed at plant level to oversee implementation of CSR projects/programs with communities. SIT will comprise of 4 member team, headed by plant head. SIT shall

  • Prepare detailed project plans
  • Identify appropriate NGOs/technology Vendors/Partners where required.
  • Promote Employee engagement and participation towards CSR-Projects


3.4 Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is an integral part of community related projects, particularly outcome assessment and financial monitoring. Our company will ensure this through


  • CSR committee to review strategy, focus areas, as and when required
  • CSR Review Panel to ensure adherence to finalized project plan in execution of CSR projects.
  • CSR Review Panel to quarterly review & report project progress to the committee, SIT to submit actual project implementation details as per format prescribed in Section 135 of Companies Act 2013.
  • SIT to liaise with local communities at least quarterly - to understand usage, uptake and challenges in execution of identified CSR projects.

4. Reporting

Mother Dairy believes CSR is an important tool to engage with communities and consumers alike and thus, we shall include a report on CSR activities in the annual board report of the company. This report shall provide an overview of the CSR projects undertaken, outcomes achieved, composition of CSR committee, budget projected,  actual expenditures, reasons for under utilization of CSR funds, if at all etc. In addition, this report shall also be made available online through Mother Dairy’s website.

5. Composition of CSR Committee (As on 20.08.2021)

Composition of CSR Committee

(As on 20.08.2021)


Name of the Member



Shri Meeneshkumar C. Shah



Shri Sharad Sharma

Independent Director / Member


Shri Manish Bandlish

Managing Director / Member


Dr. Omveer Singh

Dy. Managing Director/ Member


6. Details of CSR Projects

  1. CSR Projects for the Financial Year 2021-22


List of Projects.

Details of the Projects.


Setting up of one Oxygen Plant at District Hospital, Hapur.

Installation and commissioning of Oxygen plant.


Gift Milk Scheme FY 2021-22.

Distribution of milk to school children in Muzaffarnagar district, UP. The project implementation agency: NDDB Foundation for Nutrition.   


  1. Projects of the previous years (FY2019-20 & 2020-21)  


List of Projects.

Details of the Projects.


Gift Milk Scheme.

Distribution of milk to the school children in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

The project implementation agency: NDDB Foundation for Nutrition.


Shishu Sanjeevani Programme.

Provision of Nutritional supplement for Aganwadi children in Gadchiroli District, Maharashtra.

The project implementation agency: NDDB Foundation for Nutrition