Campus to Corporate

Campus Placement
With an objective to infuse young talent in the organization and to cater the need for future managerial talent- a Campus to Corporate programme has been launched whereby prime campuses are visited, attracting the brightest and the best from prestigious campuses across India .This gives Mother Dairy its unmatched intellectual strength & a young talent pool, whereby future managers are groomed and developed in fast track for future business Endeavour's.

Every year Mother Dairy is infused with fresh talent and young blood, giving Mother Dairy its youthful vigor. The management training programme is comprises of content learning, Imbibing value systems and context management. An intensive induction and an exhaustive training (one year for Management Trainees & six month for sales trainees) makes thorough professionals of these young recruits.

Mother Dairy Road Map: Campus Placement Process
- Campus Recruitment from Premier Business Schools
- Induction on Company's Vision, Mission and Values
- Business Understanding
- Management Interaction
- Presentation & Review
- Assessment

The process of campus recruitment comprises:
- Presentation & Audio Video on Mother Dairy
- Personal profile Analysis of Students
- Group Discussion
- Personal Interview
- Result Sharing

Offer Letter -----> Induction -----> Training -----> Appraisal -----> Confirmation

Summer Internship
The Summer Internship Programme aims to widen the student's perspective by providing an exposure to real life organizational and environmental situations. Positioned between the first and second years, the programme is the most effective aid in enabling organization to relate present business practice to the prevailing management theory The organization is benefited from the objective and unbiased perspective the student provides based on concepts and skills imbibed in the first year at the institute. The summer interns also serve as unofficial spokespersons of the organization and help in image building on campus.

Typically, projects are interdisciplinary and involve assigning independent responsibility to the summer interns, under the guidance of a senior executive. Often the project assignment is confidential and proprietary in nature, which reflects the confidence imposed in the intern by the organization. The work done by the summer interns are greatly appreciated by the organization and significant numbers of their recommendations have been implemented successfully. Projects have been undertaken in the areas of strategy formulation, business process, MIS, ERP implementation, industry analysis, HR, Finance, new product launches, sales & distribution, market research and advertising etc

Summer intern works under the counsel of a company executive (company project guide) who supervises and evaluates the performance of the student during his/her Summer Internship. The summer interns submits a copy of the summer report to his Project guide who finally evaluates the student's performance and sign the report for final submission to HR

The selection of summer interns is done on the basis of personal interview. Any information related to summer internship should mail to

Project Trainees
This programme provides a common platform for the organization and the young talent to share and to collaborate their needs through means of live projects.

The programme is designed with an objective to give the trainees a real organizational feel and work on live projects/problems faced by the organization. This helps the students in terms of gaining live and practical exposure of corporate world and also benefits the organization from the innovative and new solutions suggested by the students.

Project trainees work under the counsel of a company executive (company project guide) as well as faculty from the institute who supervises and evaluates the performance of the student during his/her training.

The selection of project trainees is done on the basis of personal interview. Any information related to project trainees should mail to