Our People Value

Mother Dairy has a diverse and welcoming workplace wherein values of trust, transparency, unquestionable commitment to quality, single-minded focus on excellence and respect for individual are simply a way of life, the abundance of experienced intellectual capital mixed with varied professionals from different industry set up and background and flavor of young, vibrant unmatched talent pool from the brightest and the best prestigious campuses across India.

At Mother Dairy we focus attention on the human side of organizational life and it makes clear the importance of creating appropriate systems of shared meaning to help people work together toward desired outcomes. Every individual in the organization is a vital cog that keeps the Mother Dairy wheel turning. This spirit of teamwork and camaraderie is imbibed into all employees – regardless of their stature or position.

The employees at Mother Dairy very proudly say that they are serving to the nation by way of providing milk to all. The sense of pride and social cause attach to it boost the morale of the individual and provide psychological satisfaction to the employees. It is achieved by

  • Relating the organization's vision and mission with the individual goals to give them a reason for a cause.
  • Making every individual responsible and answerable to self.
  • A positive worker is a self motivator. In Mother Dairy, positivity is spread among the employees by effectively

Engaging them into their work. This is done by means of:

  • Giving them Role efficacy: Employees know the importance of their work and know the impact of their performance on the organizations objectives.
  • Creativity at Work: Employees are motivated and rewarded to give and inculcate creative work thoughts.
  • Right Challenge-Right Talent: To provide the challenging job to the right talent acts as a motivator tool and also gives psychological satisfaction to the employees

All in all, the Mother Dairy workplace is an ideal equilibrium of work and play, where the employees get opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally. At Mother Dairy we firmly believe that In today's competitive market place, our company's most important discriminator is its people and their ability to solve complex problems with creative and effective solutions.

Hence the Human Resource division continuously innovates to acquire, develop, motivate and perform so that competent and effective people contribute for creating wealth for the nation and value to the shareholder