• Latest AnnouncementsMother Dairy Extends Association with Delhi Daredevils

    Milk and milk products major Mother Dairy has renewed its sponsorship deal with Delhi Daredevils for second year in a row. As a part of this association the Mother Dairy brand will be seen as the principal sponsor of the Delhi Daredevils team jersey with the logo placed on the lead arm. Click here for more details

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  • Latest AnnouncementsMother Dairy to spell its Magic in Kolkata with ‘Dailycious’ Milk

    Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. (MDFVPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), launched its milk portfolio in the city with 3 variants under the brand ‘Dailycious’ - Cow Milk, Toned Milk and Double Toned Milk. Click here for more details

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#ForeverIceCream- Valentine's Day Ice Cream Campaign

#ForeverIceCream- Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love… with someone special, with friends, with your siblings, with yourself….and with your ice cream.


It has been observed that in the Valentine season, a lot of pressure is built to find a date, to go out with or fall in love with someone. We want to reduce that pressure on individuals and communicate that being single is actually the best thing that you can be and for so many reasons.


While relationship with your better half may get over, but your relationship with an ice cream doesn't get over forever! Taking this thought forward, we are running a campaign - #ForeverIceCream across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


#Forever Ice Cream is an attempt to communicate to all singles on Valentine’s Day that being single is actually better than a relationship and why singles need to be proud of the fact that they are singles.


We would ask users to share their funny break up story. The best and the wittiest story will be selected and then created into a video by us and shared on our page on Valentine’s Day.


The campaign would be promoted on various digital platforms.

So, if any of you or your friends has a funny break up story to share, please update the same on our Facebook, Instagram page and Twitter handle with the #ForeverIceCream